Enable Access Aerolight-Xtra

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The Aerolight-Xtra is a premium folding suitcase ramp that is quick and easy to deploy. Extremely light weight, the Aerolight-Xtra is versatile and can be used on its own, or, coupled with other products to allow access into many properties without the need of any building work.

Some benefits of the Aerolight-Xtra include;

  • Easily folds and clips together for storage or transportation.
  • Flat hinge underneath to allow for greater step clearance.
  • Very easy to carry and deploy
  • Full-width anti-slip surface for excellent grip

The Aerolight Xtra from Enable Access is available from Unique Kidz - We are part of the largest mobility and rehabilitation dealership in the South-West with representatives offering free assessments and quotations throughout the region. Click here to get in touch. 


Overall Length Overall Weight Capacity
2ft / 60cm 4.7kg 450kg
3ft / 90cm 6.5kg 450kg
4ft / 120cm 8.3kg 400kg
5ft / 150cm 10.1kg 350kg
6ft / 180cm 11.9kg 350kg
7ft / 210cm 13.7kg 300kg
8ft / 240cm  15.5kg 250kg