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The FreeWheel is an all terrain add-on for both ridig and folding active wheelchairs. it weights under 2.3kg so is extremely lightweight but adds so much freedom to your wheelchair. 

Simple to clamp on, the FreeWheel quickly and easily attaches to the footrest of your wheelchair. Once attached, the FreeWheel lifts the front castors off the groun - meaning you can tackle terrain that would normally be impossible for small castors. The large wheel provides less resistance and makes your chair able to roll over almost any surface! 

The FreeWheel uses patented technology which keeps the front wheel straight to increase stability - but, with a little pressure will also allow you to quickly turn in any direction and have full control of your wheelchair. 

Strong, aircraft grade aluminium means the FreeWheel is strong enough to withstand rough ground whilst remaining lightweight. The lightweight design also helps to make it easy to remove and with a dedicated adaptor, can be attached to the back of your wheelchair. 

The FreeWheel is available now at Unique Kidz - we are part of the South-Wests largest rehabilitation dealer and offer free assessments and quotations throughout the region - click here for more information.