Theraplay Imp

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The Imp paediatric trike from Theraplay is designed for children as young at 2 1/2 years old and is the smallest tricycle range. 

It's small and has been created with a low gear ratio to make pedalling easier. It comes with 12 1/2" wheels and small diameter handle bars for smaller hands and fingers. 

The fixed gear helps the rider co-ordinate their pedalling action. The IMP comes with a range of accessories and postural supports if the rider required them to sit more comfortably. 


Overall Length 1000mm / 39.5"
Overall Width 610mm / 24"
To suit inside leg 320 - 430mm
Seat to handlebars 280 - 370mm
Maximum user weight 32kg
Wheel Size (Front) 12.5"
Wheel Size (Rear) 12.5"
Seat to ground 430mm / 17"


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